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  • Mission Statement

    The Greater Zephyrhills Chamber of Commerce advances economic growth and prosperity in our community.

    Program of Work Fiscal Year 2019-20

    Delivering mission-critical programs and services

    The Board of Directors evaluates operational and fiscal policy, programs, services, and strategic alignment with stakeholder expectations annually through a strategic planning process. The Annual Program of Work identifies measurable goals and strategies around the five tenets of Membership, Economic Development, Community, Advocacy and Governance. FY2019-20 Goals and Outcomes are summarized below.

  • Membership Goals

    Encourage membership and retention through innovative programs, services and benefits.

    Board Liaison & Committee Chair: Kevin Sullivan

    • Grow membership by net 2.0%.
    • Achieve annual retention rate of 84%.
    • Increase member investor package purchases by 25%.
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  • Economic Development Goals

    Position the greater Zephyrhills area as the preferred location for business growth in East Pasco County.

    Board Liaison & Committee Chair: Randy Stovall

    • Support small business owners and new business growth through one Business Retention and Expansion Program.
    • Develop a program or advocacy plan to improve link between education and career in Zephyrhills
    • Position the chamber as the premier resource for new business.
  • Community Outreach Goals

    Enhance the quality of life in the greater Zephyrhills community through leadership, programs and fundraising.

    Board Liaison & Committee Chair: Vicky Jones

    • Encourage and support youth citizenship
    • Fund and award $5,000 in scholarships to local youth.
  • Advocacy Goals

    Provide membership awareness by tracking and addressing issues affecting members on city, county and state levels.

    Board Liaison & Committee Chair: David West

    • Tag items that impact business. Provide useful information to members regarding relevant proposals via literature and/or forums.
    • Act as your eyes and ears to identify, research, scrutinize and communicate key legislative issues that may impact members business.
    • Meet with elected officials to share our views, influence the introduction, enactment or modification of policy, and ask for their support to ensure a business-friendly environment and the opportunity for economic development.
    • The committee will participate in planning and executing Summit and Forums.

  • Officers 2019-2020

  • Mark Murphy
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